Dec 28, 2011

Bodybuilding Tips Revealed

Captain Jake
How to build the ideal body!

Today, I conducted an interview with Captain Jake, the lead instructor at Victory gym. Jake was a competitor at the International Championship where he represented Philippines, his origin country. Jake placed 10th worldwide with a certificate of excellence body complexity and form. During his preparation for the competition, he was able to build knowledge in the sport that was undiscovered for him in the past. Jake is here today in order to share this awareness with all the upcoming bodybuilders and passionate people towards the sport.

The questions asked in the video below include:
    •  How to build the idle body
    • How do you stay motivated in the Bodybuilding Sport
Answers to these questions included:
    •  Proper sleep( an average of 7 hours per day)
    •    Taking the required supplements depending on your body size (for example; if you were thin, you should take supplements that contain high level of fats and carbohydrates.
    •  Proper diet.
    •  Motivation comes from the inner soul, depending on the determination of the person pursuing the Bodybuilding career.
In conclusion to the video above, for a person to achieve their idle body they must be able to follow all the answers given by Captain Jake. The person must be willing to put their full potential into developing a strong inner motivation that keeps them pursuing their objective successfully.
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Dec 22, 2011

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Dec 20, 2011

Nothing Is Impossible

The picture above displays a 2 year transformation for a young man who is now unstoppable.

Mohammed Sami Wadi, an ordinary guy at the age of 20, watched a motivation video starring Greg Plitt, the number 1 fitness model in the world. Afterwards, he was motivated to learn more about the bodybuilding sport. The more and more Mohammed discovered, the more he started to feel like he found his inspiration in life. Since that moment, Mohammed devoted his full time and energy to achieving a respected goal in the field. On May 12th, 2011, Mohammed enrolled in his first bodybuilding competition for the 75kg and below weight category. He placed 3rd in the competition, which gave him additional potential into growing bigger and achieving higher in the future.

Mohammed is now currently 95kg of pure muscle, with aims into enrolling for the Arnold Classic Championship in America. May we wish Mohammed Sami the very best of luck for his tremendous achievement, that motivates many young men into following his successful path. The moral of this transformation story is to tell Kuwait's Society Nothing Is Impossible. Greg Plitt once said "with persistence, you achieve a more dominant life, self confident and therefore successful life". Bodybuilding opens a door full of opportunities, and all you have to do is understand how to reach that door. With persistence and strong will power, a person is able to achieve the highest of their potential.

Dec 18, 2011

The Main Motive Behind This Blog

I was a regular university student smoking throughout the day until I met Dr. John Hayes, my marketing professor. Dr. John Hayes has helped me in two important aspects in my life, my health and my career. After appreciating his full support in guiding me in the right direction, I was asked to do a blog. I chose bodybuilding to prove my enthusiasm, and from this point on I will start to pursue my bodybuilding career. Bodybuilding has always been an interest to me, but lately it’s been a passion that I am unable to set behind.

My blog will consist of many tips and ways to achieve your ideal body. I will be posting daily, and hopefully my posts will take you a step forward to what you are willing to achieve. I am open to any type of question or advice so please feel free to follow me through Facebook or Twitter. Finally, I’d like to thank Dr. John Hayes for making a big difference in my life (Show me some love).